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Médias & Télecoms, Entreprises,
Administrations & Collectivités

The two TV studies, over the past seven years, prove that 800 toll-free and vanity number usage in advertising is still strong, and growing. Advertisers continue to provide their customers with phone numbers so they can make contact with a live person, notwithstanding the spectacular growth of the Web.

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Digital & Broadcast

Content Delivery, Éditeurs de contenus,
Web TV, Chaines de TV et Radio

All the rumors have finally died down and many skeptics have tightened their lips, the iPod does support video format now on its fifth generation. While the iPod is not the first to come up with this, it has certainly made its stature as the greatest in the market and can be dubbed as the best multimedia portable player available.

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Centres commerciaux, Chaines de magasin (PFM),
Espace Fitness (Cardiotheater)

Many people would say that it is absolute madness to keep on doing the same thing, time after time, expecting to get a different result or for something different to happen. Alternatively, many people, especially those in the personal development, NLP and wellness fields of varying natures, would describe it as intelligent to have a goal and be wonderfully flexible about how you go about achieving it.

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Infrastructures hospitalières
et de tourisme, Restauration rapide (HME)

When most people think of laser eye surgery, they automatically think of LASIK. While it is true that LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery, there are a number of other laser procedures that can produce equally successful results for individuals suffering from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

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Diffusion TV & Contenus : Eutelsat, TDF, Towercast,
Altitude Telecom, Globecast, diffusion sur ADSL,
Fibre ou réseaux câblés.

So you have your new digital camera and clicking away to glory anything and everything in sight. Now you want to print them and you need the best photo printers to print your fantastic photos. Let us talk about the various printers in the market and some tips on choosing the best photo printers.

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